Life is in Your Hands

24me is a smart personal assistant with a calendar, to-do list, and notes built in and fully united.

It connects to your real life - your utilities, service providers, banks, social networks and more. Then it automatically tells you what you need to do and also helps you take care of your things from within the app.

Let 24me work for you. You deserve it.

24me is a personal assistant in your pocket. Be more productive and spend your time on things you really like.

The 24me Experience

Smart and sophisticated calendar with beautiful design that makes it just fun to use. Tasks, events, and notes are all listed together on the calendar and can be managed from one place.

The most advanced to-do list which is also very fun to use. Clean, slick and automatic. Complete your tasks with few clicks from within 24me.

Smart notes with video, images and rich text. Journal your daily experiences, jot down reminders, or record a specific memory. Your notes' will be connected to your calendar for ultimate organization.

Speak to 24me and your tasks will automatically be added to your list. No need to waste time typing in tasks.

Birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations - 24me automatically tells you about special events. You can send beautiful gifts to friends from our fun gift store.

The notification center tells you about your notifications, reminders and alerts. Snooze a reminder, accept meeting invitations or incoming tasks from friends all from one central location.

24me automatically tells you about bills you need to pay. You can then pay them directly from within 24me with only few taps.

Get your Outlook tasks right into 24me!

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Doing things for you

Meet My Links, your remote control over your daily life. Simply link in: your social networks, service providers, and financials to receive automatic notifications about what you need to know or do.

Security is here

24me meets the highest standards of internet security.