+ What is 24me?

24me is a smart and automatic calendar and a to-do list app that acts as a personal assistant at your fingertips. Making life more organized and coordinated, 24me automatically reminds you about your important events and errands in one place in order to ensure your days are less stressful and your important tasks are never forgotten.

+ What is 24me used for?

24me's main usage is to make life easier by automating daily tasks, events and meetings, putting them in one place, and sending automatic reminders for them. By connecting Social networks, service providers, financial institutions and other parts of daily life, 24me gives you an all-inclusive mobile platform where all of your important information can be stored, organized, and integrated into daily life.

Important things to know

+ Main elements of 24me
  1. Top Bar - used for navigating between the main screens of 24me. These are the buttons on the Top Bar:
    > Add (+) - opens the add new task/event screen
    > Calendar - opens the calendar screen
    > Tasks - opens the tasks screen
    > Notifications - opens the notification center
    > More - opens another bar of buttons where you can open the My Links and the Settings screens
  2. Calendar screen - displays your tasks, events and meetings on a calendar view. This view has three main sections:
    > Dates bar - can be scrolled left/right and also pulled down to reveal the dates organized by months.
    > All-Day section - where events and tasks without a specific time during the day are listed.
    > Time grid section where events and tasks with specific time during the day are listed.
  3. Task View - the task view lists all your tasks under 4 groups based on their scheduled time. Adding a priority level, label, and notes can also enhance these tasks.
  4. My Links - This screen is accessible by tapping on the More button on the top bar. It allows to link Social Networks, Financials accounts, Service Providers, TaskRabbit (in the US only) and local apps such as Calendar, Contacts and Reminders to 24me.
  5. Settings - Also accessible by tapping on the More button on the top bar, this screen provides an array of options for the user to choose from, including logging out of 24me, and turning off the welcome animation.
  6. Notification center - This is where reminders are displayed, along with tasks that are shared with you from other people and meeting invitations.
+ Adding tasks

To add a task or a meeting tap on the '+' button on the top of the screen. You can then tap on one of the shortcut buttons, use the speech-to-text or add task via camera, or simply start typing yourself. During the add new task process, you can use the attribute buttons below the text box to mark it as priority, set location time, share it, label it, or provide notes.

The shortcut bar gives you the ability to add a meeting with a contact name or a task with an action button [call, text, email, errand (if TaskRabbit is linked) and gift (in the U.S.)]. This task automatically links to the contact and allows to use just one tap to complete it.

Tasks are backed up on the 24me server so all account information is accessible from any device you log in with.

+ Linking your life

24me can link to parts of your real life to automatically help you manage your to-dos and errands and populate your task list.

Link your Social networks, financials, providers and local apps on your device to allow 24me to automatically alert you about bill alerts, friends' special events, and all other tasks associated with your links.

Errands (US only) allows you to outsource your tasks to somebody else through TaskRabbit.

Go to the My Links page in order to connect

+ Marking a Task as Completed and Removing Tasks and Events

Swipe across a completed task to mark it as completed. Swipe again to un-complete it. Once a task is completed, click on the trashcan to the right to delete it from the main screen. Another way to complete or delete a task is to tap on the task and click the complete or delete buttons above it.

To remove an event, swipe on it and then tap on the trashcan button on its right side. Tapping on an event also reveals a delete button.

In the Settings menu, there is an option to view all of the previously removed tasks. Once on this screen, there is the option to remove all of them from the app completely. Also, swiping a task from this list brings them back to the to do list.

+ Task/Event Time

When adding an event or a task, you can set a date and time for when they are due. You will automatically be reminded at that time. Once a reminder pops, it is available in the notification center where you can snooze the reminder to a later time. The date and time of the task/event is always changeable by tapping on them and going to the Time screen.

More Advanced Functionalities

+ Set the Task/Event Attributes

Events have 5 attribute options:

  1. Location - you can set a location to an event. When you type the address, 24me will auto suggest relevant addresses that you can choose from. Once an address is set on the event, you can navigate to it with a tap of a button. You can also choose which navigation app to use by going to Settings > Advanced > Navigation apps.
  2. Time - Set the start date and end date and time for the event. Set the reminder time and whether the events repeats.
  3. Invite - invite other people to the event.
  4. Calendar - choose to which calendar to save the event out of the calendars connected to your device.
  5. Notes- Add notes, including pictures, to further describe the event, up to one note per event.

Tasks also have 5 attribute options:

  1. Priority - High priority or normal priority depending on the urgency of the task. High priority tasks will have a red line to the left of the task on the main screen.
  2. Time - Set the date and time the task is due. Set the reminder time of the task and whether it repeats.
  3. Share - Share the task you add with up to 15 people
  4. Label- Label tasks by groups. You can also set 24me to group the tasks by label rather than date in the settings menu.
  5. Notes- Add notes, including pictures, to further describe a task.

+ Editing Tasks/Event Text

You can tap on an event/task at any point and then tap on the edit button (pencil icon) on the right side of the text to edit the text.

+ Events/Tasks Notes

When adding notes under an event/task, you can do so using speech-to-text and from the camera as well as written notes. Swipe across notes to mark them as completed, and delete them if you want. They are also editable. You can also drag and drop notes to change their order.

+ Sorting Tasks on the Main Screen

This feature is available on the Task screen only. You can sort tasks by either label or by date. This can be changed in the settings menu. You can also drag and drop tasks on the main screen to change their location on the list.

+ Inviting others to events

Use the Invite screen under the event to add participants to your events. They will get an email notifying them about the details of the event.

+ Sharing Tasks

Share tasks with other 24me users or with an email address.

*** Important! Share to the email address that the other user used to open her 24me account ***

Real time sync of the tasks - when a task is shared, editing it on any account changes it for all users receiving the shared task.

Shared tasks can be shared with many people and sub-responsibilities can be assigned in the notes section.

+ Task Labels

The default labels are Personal, Household, and Work. You can add and delete labels as you desire. Pick a label by tapping on it. If you delete a label it is going to be deleted from all tasks. The same goes for editing labels.

+ Event Calendar

Events can be saved to any of the calendars you have on your device. Use the Calendar screen to choose to which calendar to save events you add.

+ 24me Settings

To go to the Settings screen, pull the main screen down. On the bar that appears, tap on the Settings button. The Settings includes the following options:

  1. Providing feedback to 24me. Every feedback sent will be reviewed
  2. Changing the first day of the week (Between Sunday and Monday)
  3. Turn the welcome animation on/off
  4. Add a passcode
  5. Turn sound effects on/off
  6. Change languages for the app and for the speech to text functionality
  7. Change the default reminder time
  8. Control whether the app will have an app badge
  9. Change notification sounds
  10. Log in/out
  11. Choose which navigation app to use to navigate to a meeting